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How to limit the volume on children’s devices

How to limit the volume on children’s devices

As more children spend their free time on their technological devices, there is an increase in children who are engaging in unsafe listening practices. It is important to make sure children’s hearing is protected as the impact of blasting sound in their ears can stay with them for the rest of their lives. These tips will show you how you can use different features on devices to limit the volume your grandchild will have. Generally, it is recommended to set the maximum value at 60 per cent as this is the highest volume that is typically safe.

1.  Set restrictions on an iPhone or iPad

If you grandchild uses an Apple device, then you can use the ‘restrictions’ feature to limit the volume. To set the volume restriction go to ‘Settings’ on the device and you will be able to secure your change with a password. To learn how to set up the volume restriction in detail, click here.

You can also set a maximum volume restriction in Music settings which does not require a parental lock password to do so.

2. Use an app to limit Android volumes

Android devices do not have a built-in volume control but there are apps that you can download in the Google Play Store that will limit maximum volume. Try searching ‘volume limiter for kids’ and various options will appear. Some apps have the parental lock option and others don’t so pick the app based on your preference.

3. Set a maximum volume in Google chrome

If your grandchildren are on the internet on a Chrome browser, then you can limit the volume for the videos and music they listen to. To set this feature up, you create a ‘supervised user’. The instructions to set this feature up can be found in Chrome help.

4. Check your television for parental volume controls

If you have a fairly modern television then you might have a maximum volume feature in the parental control settings. If you can’t find the settings on your TV menu then you can search the manual for directions. A quick way to search through the manual is to see if the manual is available online and then use Control+F within the manual to search for ‘volume’ or ‘sound control’.

5. Get the right headphones

Although earbud headphones are a popular headphone option, over-the-ear headphones are safer. Over-the-ear headphones sit further from the eardrum and are even more comfortable for little ears. There are also headphones that don’t play sounds that are louder than what is considered safe.

6. Limit your PC’s application volume

If your grandchild is using a PC, go to the ‘Volume mixer’ settings. You can access the settings by going to ‘control panel’ and clicking on ‘adjust system volume’. Set the device volume to 100% buy adjust the applications setting to the maximum volume you want. Once you have done this, the speakers volume range will be limited.

How do you monitor the safety of children’s hearing? Let us know in the comments below. 

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