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This romantic short film is actually a hearing test in disguise

This romantic short film is actually a hearing test in disguise

A short film called Does Love Last Forever? was shown to cinemagoers who were waiting to watch movie Lion.

The short film, which is created CHE Proximity and Cochlear Limited, is a love story that follows a couple over four decades.

This innovative film also doubles as a hearing test and those with hearing difficulties will finish the film believing the ending is different to those who do not have hearing issues.

For those whose hearing is fine, the couple’s relationship appears to be resilient throughout the decades but for those who have hearing difficulties, the couple’s ending is much different.

The film is able to create these strikingly different endings by using ambiguous body language, hiding the ability to lip read characters and using ambient sounds to drown out the voice frequencies. 

On average, people can delay seeking help from their hearing loss to up six years once they realise they are having hearing difficulties.

The film was created as a unique way to show people the necessity of getting their hearing tested if they do suffer from hearing loss.

General Manager Australia and New Zealand Cochlear, Shaun Han said, “We know how many precious things are lost for those people living with hearing loss.”

“People lose their connection to loved ones, friendships, their career, hobbies and self-esteem. By creating something unique like the hearing test in disguise, we’re hoping to get Australians talking and taking action on hearing loss, and to share the film with people they love.”

To watch the short film Does Love Last Forever click here.

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