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Readers respond: What age do you wish you could permanently be?

Readers respond: What age do you wish you could permanently be?

We asked our readers to reflect on their lives and pick one age to stay forever, and the responses were overwhelming. 

From the naivety of childhood, to the freedom of teenage years, here's what age our readers would like to stay forever. 

Julia Metcalfe - 19. Living away from home. Didn't have to respond to anyone else's needs/wants/desires.

Jenny Bruce - 41, not working, owned our home, happy and healthy.

Steve Smith - About 45: have shrugged off adolescence, travelled a bit, drunk too much, learnt how to budget, learnt how to adapt, been fired and hired, and created life.

Marilyn Carter - 50 was when I started to get my act together by myself and loved it.

Margaret Weston - 68. I’d still have my darling husband. Happily retired, travelling with no aches & pains.

Mitchell Wilson - 40, lived enough to manoeuvre life and young enough to enjoy it.

Nikki Stevens - Maybe 30, with the benefit of hindsight I have now.

Joanne Birch - Probably 16, before life was anything but a game.

Toni Mitchell - 45. The kids were mostly off our hands &, we could travel while our health & athleticism was still intact.

Louise Tomlinson - 50 before menopause weight kicked in.

Mary Wilkerson - 22... Old enough to make decisions but young enough to change my life.

Jane Watts - 4, oblivious to the world, all the privileges, and no responsibility.

Annette Williams - Always thought 9 was a good year. Just fun and no worries at that age.

Mark Andrew Boyle - Anything younger than now. 

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