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5 benefits of using natural deodorant

5 benefits of using natural deodorant

Between antiperspirants, traditional deodorants, and now natural deodorants, there are so many options when it comes to helping us smell great.

Though these products seem to do the exact same thing at first glance, they differ slightly in how to work to neutralise B.O.

While antiperspirants reduce body odour by stopping sweat from reaching the surface of the skin using aluminium salts, traditional deodorants contain ethanol or ingredients with antimicrobial properties to kill the bacteria that eats sweat and produces smell.

As for natural deodorant, a relatively new player in the odour-erasing game, it usually contains three components: ingredients with disinfectant or antibacterial properties, naturally absorbent ingredients to mop up sweat, and essential oils to add a pleasant scent.

If you’re considering changing up your routine, here are five benefits that could come with giving natural deodorants a try.

1. It actually allows you to sweat

One of the biggest benefits of natural deodorant is that it helps to eliminate unwanted odour while still allowing your body to sweat. 

Anna Mitsios, the founder of Edible Beauty Australia, says: “Mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants contain ingredients such as propylene glycol and aluminium salts, which block sweat glands and stop the natural process of sweat.

“Sweating is not a body action we want to stop as it allows our bodies to maintain a healthy body temperature.”

2. It stops odour naturally

It’s not your sweat that causes body odour, but rather the sweat combined with bacteria already existing on your skin. Natural deodorants help to neutralise your odour, rather than stopping you from sweating. 

Common ingredients used to neutralise odours include baking soda and magnesium hydroxide. Both have anti-microbial qualities that kill bacteria before they digest sweat and create odour. However, Anna says magnesium hydroxide “is less irritating than baking soda and is less soluble which means it takes longer to fully dissolve in sweat, leading to more staying power”.

3. Care for your clothes

Did you know it’s the aluminium in your deodorant that causes those dark yellow stains on your whites? When aluminium mixes with sweat it rubs on your clothing leaving marks over time, and they’re near impossible to get out. 

4. It’s gentle on your skin

If you’ve removed hair from your underarms via shaving or waxing, then you know just how sensitive this area can be. Natural deodorants actually help to combat irritation and provide a more conditioning feel than general aerosols and roll ons. 

For those who experience skin irritation, eczema, or contact allergies to the fragrances in antiperspirants, natural deodorants can also be a gentler option for the skin.

5. An eco-friendly option

Choosing a deodorant that is natural, sustainable, biodegradable not only ensures you are armed with the best protection, but means you are also keeping the environment in mind by limiting plastic single-use items and omitting chemicals and toxins. 

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