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Beauty brand praised for “thoughtful” opt-out email

Beauty brand praised for “thoughtful” opt-out email

Beauty brand Mecca has received a divisive response after sending out a marketing email giving subscribers the chance to opt out of Father’s Day promotions. 

The email, which was sent to all members of the Australian site last week, gave those who didn't celebrate Father's Day due to poor relationships or death a chance to opt out of further emails. 

“An option to opt out,” the email subject read. 

“Sometimes it's nice to choose which emails you see from us. In the lead up to Father's Day, we understand if you don't want to receive emails on the subject - so we've made it easy to opt out.”

Thousands of Mecca customers flocked to Facebook to praise the brand's initiative, as many revealed that they had difficult relationships with their fathers.

“I'm so glad for this email because I was burnt pretty hard by my dad and I don't need any reminders,” one woman said.

“Even if it's not a go-to place for Father's Day gifts it's still great to see the initiative! I just hope they do the same for Mother's Day because I also don't have her around and it hurts to see,” she added.

While the brand received a lot of praise for the email, others slammed it as a “shameful marketing stunt” and condemned people for being “overly sensitive”.

“I think a lot more thought could have gone into it,” wrote one disgruntled customer. “I understand the sentiment but the specific reference to Father's Day was a bit weird.”

“I don't remember getting one of these for Mother's Day. Why not a general email with a list of holidays allowing customers to choose which ones they want to opt out of?” she asked.

While some people opposed the emails, the reception was largely positive, with customers calling on other brands to do the same. 

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