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Dame Judi Dench's racy regret

Dame Judi Dench's racy regret

She recently made headlines as the oldest woman to grace the cover of Vogue.

Now at 85, Dame Judi Dench is expressing her disappointment that she didn’t do more sex scenes throughout her acting career.

Speaking to the Mirror, the veteran actress looked back on her extensive portfolio and reflected on not taking advantage of the more risqué aspects of her impressive onscreen performances.

"I have done a few bed scenes. Not many in the theatre. What a disappointment," she told the publication.

Despite her body of work, which includes an Oscar-win for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal as Queen Elizabeth in 1999’s Shakespeare in Love, Dench was once told she would never appear on film.

"They told me I would never make a film. To which there is no reply. I put my chair against the wall. I am not quite sure why. I walked out.

She continued, "I did not want to do films anyway. I never thought I'd have a future in films as the stage is my passion. It's never ever the same in a theatre, never. You always got a different reaction to things."

But when asked about her acting credits, the Bond star remains modest and puts it down to “luck”.

"It's really called luck. The whole business of theatre is ­suddenly being in the right place at the right time and by chance somebody will say, 'That person might do.'"

She continued, "It is not really to do with ­talent I don't think. It just ­happens that you fall into the slot at that time."

Sharing some advice to aspiring actors, Dench said to the Mirror: "My advice is go see as much theatre as you possibly can. I think it is very, very difficult. We are just lucky we are employed."

Dench’s career has spanned over 60 years and included starring in iconic films including M in the James Bond series, Iris, Shakespeare in Love, Notes on a Scandal, Philomena and many more.