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Hairdresser has her fringe chewed off by her guinea pig

Hairdresser has her fringe chewed off by her guinea pig

After a tipsy night out, hairdresser Gara Sullivan decided to lay down and have a cuddle with her guinea pig named Dixie. 

After falling asleep with the small critter, the 29-year-old from Kentucky woke up and made a horrifying discovery when she looked in the mirror. 

Dixie, the three-year-old pet, had nibbled off a chunk of her fringe! 

Initially, Gara was concerned about the wellbeing of her cheeky pet, wondering if Dixie would become sick after swallowing clumps of hair. 

Luckily, she then found her detached hairs sitting next to a very guilty looking guinea pig, realising she had chewed them off and just left them.

Gara shared the hilarious situation with her social media followers, with many joking that Dixie was merely planning to make her own “guinea-wig”.

Other commenters, including Gara, agreed that the naked guinea pig was simply jealous of Gara’s long locks. 

Gara said, 'She doesn't have any hair - it's like she's jealous of mine. She has a little hair on her nose but that's it, other than that she's completely naked.”

“She'd had quite the meal, it was crazy. I take naps with her all the time but if I'm drunk, my boyfriend will create a little bed on the floor for me because he knows I like to snuggle with her.”

“I fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning, I went to the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and my bangs were gone.”

Gara has had to rearrange her hair to make the tuft of hair not show, as she worries the hair will take at least six months to grow back. 

For now, the hairdresser has vowed to end her little sleepovers with Dixie, unless she has a few too many drinks and feels like a cuddle. 

Image credits: TikTok / Instagram @garasullivan

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