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Incredibly rare photo of Prince Philip from 1938

Incredibly rare photo of Prince Philip from 1938

A photo taken of Prince Philip long before he married into the British royal family has emerged, and it has come from an unlikely source.

Cara and Poppy Delevingne shared a candid snapshot of the Duke of Edinburgh, from when he was just 17 and sat on the beach with their grandmother Angela Delevingne.

The British sisters, who are both models and actresses, told fans that the photo had been taken in Venice in 1938.

"My cousins remember her saying 'That after meeting him, she thought he'd make someone a very good husband one day.' How right she was," she wrote.

The duo are seen sitting together on a beach lounge, and in a rare moment for the late royal, he is seen dressed casually in sandshoes and what appears to be a polo shirt.

The photo was reportedly taken by Angela's husband Edward not long after their wedding.

The newlyweds had been holidaying in Italy when they encountered the future Duke of Edinburgh.

The moment was also captured just a year before Philip met his future wife, Princess Elizabeth, at the Royal Naval College.

It would be several more years before their relationship turned into more however.

Her Majesty and her beloved husband married in 1947, and celebrated their 73rd anniversary in November 2020.

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