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Sarah Ferguson’s intimate underwear confession

Sarah Ferguson’s intimate underwear confession

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s marriage was plagued by high-profile problems. 

With one scandal after another, it’s a surprise the pair managed to maintain a close bond throughout it all.

When the Prince announced his engagement to a “commoner” in 1986, the world reacted with excitement and Fergie was considered a great match by all including the Queen.

But the adoration slowly started dwindling, after constant comparisons to the late Princess Diana.

"She was often contrasted with Diana and in those early days Sarah came out of the contrast rather well, " explained Tom Quinn, author of Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir.

"Diana was often seen as rather pale and wilting, this delicate flower, whereas Fergie was robust."

And as she took charge of her royal responsibilities, she started to feel the pressure after she was branded as rebellious and unsophisticated. 

"All of [Sarah's] natural charm that had been celebrated initially began to be seen as rather unsophisticated and inappropriate," said historian Dr Anna Whitelock.

It didn’t help her case when she made an intimate confession about her underwear that caused a stir.

Fergie landed herself in hot water when she raved about her designer French clothing at a reception before joking to the press she was "wearing Marks and Spencer knickers".

"This is not what you're expecting the Duchess of York to say. And remember the previous Duchess of York had been the Queen Mother," explained journalist and broadcaster Eva Pollard.

"You're talking about a changing view of the royal family. The culture changing. They slipped down from the pedestal.

The incident did not go down well, as some believed Fergie was influencing Diana in a bad way.

Dr Anna Whitelock said: "There was a sense Fergie liked to have fun and play jokes.

"But actually it began to wear rather thin and she was seen increasingly as a bad unsophisticated influence on Diana and Prince Andrew and something of a loose cannon."

Fergie and Andrew split in 1992 and were divorced by 1996. 

Sarah was not allowed to use the title Her Royal Highness by August of that year