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The must-have viral product for a perfect complexion

The must-have viral product for a perfect complexion

A must-have beauty tool has gone viral on TikTok for helping people everywhere fix the problem of oily skin. 

An Indigenous makeup artist named Ash has discovered the hidden gem and shared the impressively shocking results, all while revealing the product’s price-tag is less than $10. 

The Revlon Oil-absorbing Volcanic Roller mops up oil with one roll, without disturbing the placement or pigment of makeup. 

After rolling the stone roller over her face, Ash discovered a freshly matte look, with zero streaks in her makeup. 

Sharing the video with her followers, the video has racked up over 1.2 million views, with many other beauty gurus also trying out the product for themselves. 

Ash put the roller through a series of tests, including trying it out on a face full of makeup after a long day of work.

"It's amazing what it can do visually, but longevity-wise I'm not entirely sure if I would use this but it's still amazing, I'll give you that, my God," she said.

According to Revlon, their oil-absorbing roller is "made with real volcanic stone" because the stone is made of a porous material so it can soak up oil patches. 

For just $7.50 from Chemist Warehouse, this simple product erases the need for blotting papers or powders, and is perfect to use on the go. 

Image credits: TikTok

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