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Turia Pitt's revolutionary new venture

Turia Pitt's revolutionary new venture

Walking into a department store, you're met with posters of beautiful, flawless women looking back at you.

It's no secret this kind of imagery is harmful and unrealistic as it's not a reflection of the average woman.

That's why Turia Pitt is breaking down the unrealistic beauty standard by joining Celeste Barber as an ambassador for MCoBeauty.

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The 33-year-old was subjected to a traumatising experience after she was caught in a bushfire while running an ultramarathon in Western Australia in 2011.

She suffered burns to 65 per cent of her body and spent five months in hospital.

But since that day, Turia has allowed those challenges to make her, and others stronger.

Speaking to The Australian Women's Weekly Online, Turia Pitt gave two tips to those lacking confidence.

"First of all acknowledging that what you're going through is tough, it's hard - but that's so important," she said.

"The second bit of advice is to try and get some support - whether that's from a friend or psychologist. It's just like how we'd take our car to a mechanic if it was damaged, we need to show that care to ourselves. Our hearts and our heads deserve the very best."

Turia is a mother to two boys, Hakavai, three and Rahiti, one, whom she shares with her fiancee Michael Hoskin.

She also gave beauty advice for busy mums.

"I love an eyelash curler!" She tells us.

"Use an eyelash curler and hold it for like 10 seconds, like make sure you really press down on it and even just doing that will really open up your lashes. And then put the McoBeauty Xtendlash Mascara on it and you'll be blown away by how good it'll look."

As for health and wellness, Turia's busy schedule makes taking the time to workout and exercise a little harder - but again, she's got a top tip.

"It's about finding accountability - so you could organise to go [exercise] with a girlfriend at a certain time regularly. You're gonna be more likely to go and make the effort when you're doing it with people you know."

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