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“World’s hottest grandma” reveals paparazzi hell

“World’s hottest grandma” reveals paparazzi hell

The world’s self-proclaimed hottest grandma has spoken about being forced to leave her home due to paparazzi stalking her. 

Gina Stewart moved from New Zealand to the Gold Coast and is being chased by paparazzi who have figured out where she lives.

The 51-year-old said that despite her huge following online where she shares promiscuous images, she is actually “really shy”. 

"I have been chased all around the Gold Coast by paparazzi trying to catch me," she told The Daily Star.

"I don't give out my address and I had to move from one address because paparazzi tried to catch me outside.

"It got to a point where I wouldn't go out until I knew they had gone."

The mother-of-four and grandmother-of-one certainly does not look her age and credits her looks to a hyper-cooling remedy.

Stewart exposes herself to temperatures of -110C to help “rejuvenate” her body and helps with muscle fatigue, muscle repair, injury treatment plus general skin revival.

"Cryotherapy is my number one go-to therapy. I firmly believe it is the reason why I feel and look refreshed. It's my fountain of youth," she previously said. 

"I have been doing cryotherapy for a while and will keep it up as long as possible."

She explained that each session costs $55 and does it twice a week. 

Stewart has also been doing it for a year which is helping her burn 800 calories each session. 

The grandma also sticks to eating protein-rich foods and avoids alcohol. 

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