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30-year-old single mum shamed for still living with her mother

30-year-old single mum shamed for still living with her mother

A 30-year-old woman has defended her choice to live at her mum’s house with her daughter following cruel trolls saying she should be “embarrassed”.

Opening up about her living arrangement, the mum-of-one, Maggie says she doesn’t care about awful comments and plans to stay there “forever”, with her daughter Savvy.

Posting a short video to her TikTok account, Maggie told her 10,000 followers what she often hears when people discover her situation.

Over the top of a video that showed her holding Savvy in her arms, she wrote: “Are you embarrassed that you live at your parents with a baby at 30.”

Hitting back, the young mother then shared a video of her and her daughter dancing and typed: “My mom’s house… and all the love my daughter gets here.”

She then followed up her sentiments in the caption as she posted: “I turn 31 in 2 weeks and I told my mom that we’re going to live with her the rest of her life.”

As well as enjoying spending time at her mum’s home, she added there was a further reason that she refuses to move out, sharing that the family have recently lost their father.

Proving her point, insensitive trolls flocked to the comment section to have their say.

One wrote: “Just sad. You’re too old.”

Another added: “RIDICULOUS and embarrassing.”

Fortunately, others were more sympathetic to Maggie and Savvy’s situation and praised her, saying they’d do exactly the same.

Images: TikTok

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