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Bindi Irwin's daughter Grace looks just like her famous Irwin relatives

Bindi Irwin's daughter Grace looks just like her famous Irwin relatives

A recent series of images of baby Grace Warrior shared by her adoring mother Bindi Irwin has set tongues wagging as to exactly who among her famous relatives she looks most like.

In particular, an image shared by grandma Terri of Bindi as a baby to mark her 24th birthday caused fans to instantly make the connection that baby Grace strongly resembles her famous Wildlife Warrior mum.

It has also been pointed out on numerous occasions that the newest member of the Irwin clan takes a lot of her looks from grandma Terri herself.

One particularly touching black and white photo shared to Twitter depicts baby Grace looking into the camera, hands folded, which Terri captioned:

"Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. A beautiful old soul resides within this perfect tiny human." 

It didn't take a lot to realise exactly WHICH old soul resides there! Baby Grace has clearly been blessed with Terri's downturned eyes and a hint of her smile. 

Gorgeous images shared by mother Bindi at the time she turned one also show unmistakable similarities to Steve Irwin himself – a fact that Bindi is clearly very proud of.

In fact, just a week prior to Grace's first birthday party, she and father Chandler took an amazing snap of the three of them at Australia Zoo with the family pup:

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Unsurprisingly, the now 24-year-old has posted a vast amount of throwback pics on various platforms – and it doesn't take an Ancestry expert to see there are a multitude of traits that Bindi herself shares with Baby Grace. 

So what do you think? Who of all the dominant Irwin and Powell genes do you think Grace most powerfully possesses? That may in fact change as time passes – and we look forward to seeing how this beautiful young girl from a loving family grows and changes.  

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