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Border dispute: Dying man told to choose which child may visit

Border dispute: Dying man told to choose which child may visit

A Sydney family have been asked to decide which of their four young children will say good-bye to their dying father in hospital across the border.

Mark Keans is currently in Brisbane hospital, living out his final moments while his family, who live in NSW, are unable to see him due to coronavirus restrictions.

The Queensland government has only permitted for one of Mr Keans’ children to say goodbye.

His father, Bruce Langborne said it was an “impossible” choice for the family.

Appearing on Channel Nine’s Today Show, Mr Langborne said his son was devastated that he could not meet his family before he passed.

Mr Langborne said there were a few things Mr Keans’ family was being told “unofficially” as nothing from the Queensland Government was in writing.

“One, we had too many people trying to come up. Two, we weren't allowed to drive, we had to fly in and then we probably wouldn't get out of the airport anyway, they'd send us back,” he said.

“Three, by us wanting to come and see Mark, we're being selfish and not taking any thought as to the welfare of the other cancer patients.”

Queensland’s Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been heavily criticised for the state’s tough border rules, and this latest decision has made NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard furious. 

"I can only express my anger, my supreme anger, at the Queensland Premier's decision, which in my view is nothing more base loopy politics. I'm appalled," Mr Hazzard said.