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Bride's reason for barring brother-in-law from photos

Bride's reason for barring brother-in-law from photos

A woman has shared her shock online after her invitation to her sister’s wedding came with a shocking request.

Initially, the woman’s husband wasn’t invited to the ceremony at all. 

But when it was confirmed that he could come, the woman’s sister requested he stay out of the family photos because he was in a wheelchair.

The woman took to Reddit to explain the situation, writing that her sister was getting married next month.

“My husband and I were both planning on going but when we got the invitation it was only for me,” she explained.

“When I called my sister and asked about it she said my husband was of course fine to come but she requested that he not be in any family photos.

“My husband is in a wheelchair. I’ve been married to him for 8 years. He has been in a wheelchair since he was 16 and my family has always ever known him to be in his chair,” the woman continued.

Image: Reddit

According to her, her husband wasn’t allowed in the photos because her sister was afraid he would take attention away from her due to his visible disability.

“She justifies this by saying when people come over and see our family photo they always ask about him because he’s the only one that is in a wheelchair so he stands out,” she explained.

“She says she wants to be the main focus in her photos.”

The woman said she was “livid” at her sister’s request, telling her sister she was being a “selfish bridezilla”.

“I told her we wouldn’t be coming,” she wrote.

“I’ve been getting calls from parents and relatives telling me I need to apologise to my sister because now she’s upset.”

She said she was angry that her family weren’t supporting her husband.

“My husband hates being a burden and he says he’s fine with not being in the photos. Which made me even angrier because now he feels bad about himself for something I feel is unwarranted,” she added.

When she asked whether she was in the wrong for fighting for her husband and not apologising, others responded with support for her decision.

“The bride is the a--hole,” one person wrote, adding, “Some people are this shallow and self-centered”.

“It’s really difficult to believe that the family would take the bride’s side on such an obnoxious request and be upset with op [the original poster],” another said.

“A missing family member stands out,” one person noted. “So the whole attention whore thing won’t work out the way she intended.”

“This makes me sad that people have had that experience of exclusion due to such things,” another shared.

“This would absolutely be the hill I’d died on,” one person declared.

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