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"Crazy": Terrifying three-metre find clogging up toilet

"Crazy": Terrifying three-metre find clogging up toilet

A man has had to call in the fire department after a "crazy" find in his toilet.

Crews from Iskandar Puteri Fire Station in Malaysia were called to the bathroom of a house after the man was reportedly bitten on the bottom last month.

The toilet was checked and firefights removed a 3.6-metre python from the toilet bowl.

The size of the serpent was so large that it broke some of the piping, the fire department revealed.

The snake was released safely outside.

On Facebook, the snake’s “scary” bathroom exploits had some people spooked.

“Be careful in the bathroom after this,” one woman wrote.

“Don't forget to close the bathroom door too.”

One man called it “crazy”, while another woman wrote it had her worried about using the bathroom at work.

As for why the snake was slithering through the pipes, some suggested it’s possible the recent hot weather was to blame and the toilet-dwelling serpent was seeking a place to cool down.