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Huge snake hitches a ride on moving car

Huge snake hitches a ride on moving car

A driver has gotten the fright of his life when a large snake made a surprise appearance on his car window as he and his partner were driving along a road in regional NSW.

Couple Rachael Pace and boyfriend Kyle Vella were driving in Stroud, on the NSW mid north coast, when the snake hitched a ride with their car.

Ms Pace filmed the terrifying incident, showing the reptile pop up next to her boyfriend's window as he was driving.

Mr Vella yelled out "holy s**t" as the snake slithers along his closed window.

“Oh my god, what the f*** do we do,” he asked his girlfriend in the video.

But the snake seemed to be enjoying the ride as it laid along the base of the window.

“What are we going to do?” Ms Pace said.

“Look how big it is, it goes back there,” she said as she pointed the camera to the rear of their ute.

“It’s going to fall off,” Mr Vella said.

He eventually managed to pull over, but as he shook his door to move the snake, it didn't seem to budge.

The encounter has since gone viral on social media, garnering over 100 comments and 400 shares on Facebook.

“It’s not every day that you’re driving and a snake casually pops up,” she said in the post on New Year’s Eve.

Eventually, a kind neighbour who lived across the road from where they parked their car, came out and helped them get the snake off their car.

Ms Pace said the snake was released into a nearby creek.

NSW Poisons Information Centre Senior Specialist, Genevieve Adamo, said the state’s snake season peaked in late December and January.

She urged people to watch out for snakes and spiders outdoors as the weather heated up during the summer holidays.

“Australia has some of the most venomous snakes in the world, so it’s important people seek immediate medical assistance for all suspected bites,” she said.

“If someone is bitten by a snake you should keep them still, call an ambulance and apply a pressure immobilisation bandage.

“Tight tourniquets should not be applied and the bite site should not be washed, cut or sucked.”