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Princess Charlotte’s show-stopping faces

Princess Charlotte’s show-stopping faces

Princess Charlotte stole the show at the Commonwealth Games with her adorable animated facial expressions.

The seven-year-old attended the games with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to watch the swimming at Sandwell Aquatics Centre in Birmingham on Tuesday. 

During the races, the Duchess was explaining things about the race, while Prince William watched on. 

As England’s Luke Turley prepared for the 1500m freestyle the Princess and her parents watched on in glee.

Turley smashed a gruelling 30 lengths of the pool in 15:35.65 which qualified him for the final on Wednesday.

Princess Charlotte smiled when the race came to the end before rolling her eyes about something her dad said. 

Several images captured the Princess’ cute facial expressions as she watched the races.

Check them out below. 

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