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QLD Police make a Brisbane boy's dreams come true

QLD Police make a Brisbane boy's dreams come true

A Brisbane boy has been gifted a support puppy in a heartwarming gesture from Queensland Police.

Remi Rooney was given his new best friend, a Labrador puppy named Copper, on Tuesday to help him face the tragic reality of life without his parents.

Remi lost his father back in June after he was allegedly killed by Remi's mother, who is now facing charges over the man's death.

Bonita Vivien Coue was charged with murder after allegedly killing 51-year-old Kerry Rooney by stabbing him earlier in the year.

The case has faced lengthy delays due to "significant" material being missing from a brief of evidence.

Before his father died, Remi and his dad both desperately wanted to get a dog but couldn't get one in the unit they shared.

But now, Remi's dreams have come true as he has a new best friend to keep him company.

When Remi was surprised by the puppy, he was overjoyed and asked officers, "Is he mine?"

Police responded with, "He's all yours!"

Remi's grandmother Noeline spoke to Sunrise to tell them of the tragic impact her son's death has had on both her and Remi.

“Remi’s been our main priority, but I’ve still lost my son.”

“I try to cry quietly at the sink, but he’s got ears like elephants and he comes and says - are you upset?”

Senior Constable Karen Edwards told Sunrise that the idea of gifting the puppy came from Remi's counsellor.

“It all came about through a counsellor, when she said he really could do with something for him to love for himself.”

Image credits: 7News

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