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"Actually clever": Shoppers amused by Coles Mother's Day cake

"Actually clever": Shoppers amused by Coles Mother's Day cake

A Coles cake decorated in a unique style for Mother's Day has attracted hilarious feedback from shoppers after a video was uploaded to TikTok.

People couldn't contain their amusement after a Coles customer shared footage of the one-of-a-kind dessert to the social media site on Saturday.

The $4 "traditional cream" iced sponge cake was viewed by 211,000 people for one key reason.

The "Happy Mum's Day" message written in pink icing was not only off-centre, but was written so messily that it was barely readable.

While it didn't look the best, it won the users of TikTok for its character.

Over 200 people commented on the video, some suggesting Coles had the cake decorated in a messy style purposely so kids could tell their mum they made it themselves.

"Pretty sure it’s so kids can say they made it," one person wrote in a comment.

"This is actually really clever because no one will believe that’s professionally made," another said.

A third person praised the supermarket for "the authenticity" of the cake, assuming it was purposely decorated to seem like a child had made it.

Other shoppers said they had also spotted the Mother's Day cakes in their local store.

"I saw ones like this and all the hearts were so bad," one person wrote.

"Oh my god I saw some like that in Coles in Wagga but in white icing," someone else said.

"Appreciate the attention to detail and authenticity of Coles," another wrote.

Some believe the employee behind the cake was tired after a long night, while others thought it could have been the result of a "take your kid to work day".

"Somebody had a late night," one wrote.

Someone else suggested it could have been the employee's first day on the job.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Coles for comment.

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