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ALDI shopper causes $180k in damages after smashing alcohol

ALDI shopper causes $180k in damages after smashing alcohol

Footage of a woman going rampant and causing severe damage to an ALDI store by smashing bottles of alcohol has caused great concern among customers. 

The video was recorded at a supermarket in Stevenage, UK, on Wednesday (local time) afternoon.

Footage shows the woman wearing a hoodie and a backpack removing bottles of alcohol off the shelves with her arms.

She then slips in the mess she created and falls to the ground.

“Oh god, she’s not right,” a man is heard saying off-camera.

The woman quickly gets back up and starts her tirade of breaking more bottles.

The man off camera notices the woman has cut her hand and it’s covered in blood, while another person reveals the police won’t arrive for a while.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” someone is heard saying.

A man who was waiting in the check-out line asked the woman to “calm down” and the woman threw a bottle of booze at his leg.

The store manager estimated the damages to cost approximately $AUD180,270 when taking into account the loss of stock and revenue due to being forced to close the store to clean.

According to The Comment, police officers arrived at the scene at around 2.30 pm and arrested the woman, who was taken to hospital and treated for her injuries.

Image credit: 7NEWS