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Aussie favourite Freddo undergoes a makeover

Aussie favourite Freddo undergoes a makeover

Freddo Frog has been given a major upgrade as it celebrates its 90th birthday, with the Aussie favourite to go 3D.

Similar to a Yowie or Kinder Surprise, the chocolate frog will now have a hollow inside filled with little animal-shaped lollies.

Cadbury made the announcement on Wednesday, saying the change will also be kinder to the environment.

The new Freddo is wrapped with recyclable foil packaging, with the new design intended to bring “colourful fun” without the added plastic.

Cadbury’s marketing manager Kate Watson said the change was an “exciting new chapter” for the beloved treat.

“For 90 years, Freddo has given generations of Australians shared moments of wonder and joy,” she said.

“During what’s been a challenging time for us all, Freddo 3D Adventure encourages us to be free-spirited and adventurous, urging us to embrace our curiosity and appreciate the world around us.”

Freddo will be dressed in four new looks, including space suits, snorkels and swimmers.

And every year, the chocolate will explore a new part of the world, with themes expected to change his costumes and the shape of the candy animals inside.