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Aussie mum’s hack to make 192 kids snacks for $12.30

Aussie mum’s hack to make 192 kids snacks for $12.30

An Aussie mum shared her hack for making 192 kid snacks for just $12.30.

Louise, a mum and home baker, posted on the popular Facebook page Budget Friendly Meals Australia and shared how she makes mini muffins and chocolate chip biscuits for her kids.

The 192 snacks are made using ALDI blueberry muffin mix, which costs $4 for two packets and she makes 32 mini muffins with them.

Louise then cleverly uses vanilla cake mix, margarine and chocolate chips to make the whopping 160 kids-sized cookies for her kids.

She puts them into individual snack bags, ready for her kids’ lunches and snack times.

“I get 32 kids size muffins and I make 160 kids size choc chip cookies and I bag them into packs of three,” Louise told the Budget Friendly Meals Australia page.

“That’s 85 snack bags in total, total cost $12.30 – or 14 cents per snack.”

You can find her recipe for the cookies below.


·  4 packs of ALDI vanilla cake mix

·  1 x 250g tub of margarine

·  2 x choc chip packs


  1. Melt the margarine in a saucepan until it just starts to get that cooked butter smell.

  2. Leave to set in the fridge

  3. Mix margarine with cake mixes

  4. Mix until it comes together in a smooth ball

  5. Fold in choc chips

  6. Form into small balls and place on baking paper-lined trays

  7. Bake at 160C for 12 minutes and leave to cool

Photo credits: 7News

Recipe appeared on the Budget Friendly Meals Australia Facebook page