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"Best markdown of all time": Coles shopper's epic boast

"Best markdown of all time": Coles shopper's epic boast

A Coles shopper has shared her incredible purchase for just 10c that she picked up from her local store.

Jumping onto Facebook, the Melbourne customer revealed that she scored two $23 Australian Hot Roast Porks for just 10 cents each.

She says she spotted the bargain at a store in West Melbourne.

“I was there just before closing and I was waiting in the line to pay for other items as she marked them down,” she wrote on the Markdown Addicts Australia page.

“From far [away] I thought they were marked down to $10 and I was like sweet, I’ll grab one.

“Then bam, they where 10c each so grabbed them both. One of my best scores.”

Some remarked that the low price was concerning.

However the shopper said there was nothing wrong with the roasts, and offered a very valid reason for the amazing markdown.

“They were reduced to that price because in Melbourne our supermarkets close at 7.30 pm at the moment,” she said.

Added another shopper: “I wouldn’t be worried at all.”

Many bargain hunters agreed it was an awesome buy.

“The greatest yet,” said one.

“No one can out bargain you, I am so jealous right now,” added another.