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"Bit of protein": Woman's nasty discovery in Coles' caesar salad

"Bit of protein": Woman's nasty discovery in Coles' caesar salad

A shopper has reported finding an insect in her Coles salad.

The woman took to the supermarket’s Facebook page to share a picture showing what appeared to be a ladybug on a piece of cheese at the bottom of the Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl.

“Bit of ladybug protein in the Chicken Caesar,” she wrote on Tuesday.

Coles responded to the claim the following day.

“We’re sorry to hear you discovered a bit of extra protein in your salad!” a spokesperson said before asking for more information on the product, including the store where it was purchased, the best before date and other batch codes.

The complaint came two weeks after another customer reported finding a slug in her Coles Caesar Salad Bowl.

“After enjoying most of one I noticed something strange hanging off my fork... turns out it was a slug,” she wrote.

“The slug had been squashed and inadvertently been mixed through the salad so not sure how much I may have eaten.”

Coles said shoppers who are unhappy with the items they picked up could receive a full refund or replacement. “On our Coles branded products our promise is to provide you with high quality products to enjoy every day,” the supermarket’s website stated.

“If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know and we’ll happily give you a full refund or replacement - that’s a guarantee you can count on.”