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Brand new luxury Coles dessert station causes a stir

Brand new luxury Coles dessert station causes a stir

Coles has upped the ante with the new launch of Coles Local, a new type of supermarket that aims to merge convenience and speciality stores.

After three successful ventures in Melbourne, the first Coles Local will officially open in Rose Bay, Sydney and the offerings are a bit different to your normal supermarket.

There’s a pick and mix treat bar for dogs, mini gelato cones and macarons, a station that offers to peel your pineapples for you, freshly squeezed juice and fancy breads you can cut in store.

Each store specifically caters to the demographic of the area, so the store in Rose Bay includes more than 500 convenience products that cover breakfast, lunch and dinners as well as the largest vegan and vegetarian range of any Coles store in NSW.

Local businesses are thrilled with the latest venture from Coles as it offers a new opportunity to sell their items in store.

"I think the local demographic plays a big part in what we put in the store. There are quite a few South Africans in the area so we have Field to Fork... they sell biltong which is fantastic for our customers," Coles chief property and export officer Thinus Keeve said to 9News.

"We are very excited about the vegetarian section, the biggest in NSW, we also have a pet treat bar.

"You can bring your dog and enjoy a treat on us."

A recent video on TikTok is making the rounds on social media that outlines just what you can experience in store in the Glenferrie Melbourne Coles Local store.

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The video details what you can find in store, including a pasta station, the ability to grab a coffee while you shop, a gelato cone station as well as a candy bar station.

Melbourne student Mercedes McLean, who posted the video, said she saw extra steps being taken to prevent the store from becoming a “coronahazard”.

“From what I saw there are disposable gloves for you to wear when using the tongs and the workers are always wiping everything down,” she wrote in response to one commenter’s question.