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Coles customer’s “gross and unsanitary” find in water bottle

Coles customer’s “gross and unsanitary” find in water bottle

A small plastic object has been found floating inside a Coles branded water bottle by a shopper who described the discovery as “gross and unsanitary”.

The 1.5 litre bottle was originally supposed to contain nothing but Australian spring water, but somehow became contaminated with two small items resembling a piece of machinery.

The customer came across the object while drinking the water, as it ended up in their mouth and left them feeling “nauseous”.

“I felt a bit nauseous for a little bit after it, just thinking about it, but nothing major,” the customer told Yahoo News Australia.

Taking to Facebook, the customer wrote “it was not (a) pleasant surprise” when they realised the foreign object ended up in their mouth.

Recounting the incident, the shopper said they bought the eight pack of water bottles from Parkmore supermarket, in Keysborough, southeast of Melbourne a while ago.

Only one bottle appeared to have been contaminated.

They said despite the unpleasant experience, it would not keep them from buying the same product in the future.

“I see it as an isolated incident, the likelihood of a recurrence is extremely unlikely, so I don't see it preventing me from purchasing it again,” the customer said.

“I'll just have to be more vigilant in checking the bottles prior to purchasing.”

A Coles spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the incident would be investigated.

“We have responded to this customer and our quality team will investigate. Coles encourages customers to bring back any product they are not happy with for a full refund,” they said.