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Coles shopper baffled by “ridiculous” delivery order

Coles shopper baffled by “ridiculous” delivery order

A Coles customer has been left flabbergasted by her home delivery order.

Disgruntled shopper Claire took to social media to share her frustration after she discovered a baffling find in her home delivery order.

Taking to Facebook, Claire admitted she couldn’t help but be frustrated after discovering 11 items she purchased had been placed into five 15 cent bags.

Claire posted a photo of her Coles Online order, showing just how many groceries were included in each bag.

Two of the bags had just one item in them, while another had just two.

Claire said the number of bags used for her small order was “not good enough”.

“Ok Coles, this is getting ridiculous.

“Not only is there now no way to uncheck the bagging option for home delivery, which means I have to pay for bags I don’t want, this is how they are packed.

“It’s not good enough that you say you’ll take the bags back for recycling, they shouldn’t have been used in the first place.”

Image: Facebook

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