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Coles shopper’s “appalling” discovery

Coles shopper’s “appalling” discovery

A Coles shopper has revealed the shock she received when she opened up her in-store catalogue and realised it had been defaced with an “appalling” message.

She says she found a sticker covering part of page seven - the page displaying the store’s specials on meat - at the supermarket’s Erina location, on the NSW Central Coast.

The message on the sticker said that people who weren’t vegan supported “wet markets, COVID-19 and animal abuse”.

“Leave animals alone,” the message read, directing people to visit the website for animal rights group Save Poppy.

“I was shocked when I turned to page seven with your meat specials to see your catalogue had been defaced by some vegan nutter group,” the woman wrote on the retailer’s Facebook page.

“They [vegans] have every right to their own opinion, but they do not have the right to tell others what their opinion must be,” her irate post read.

“This has really angered me.”

The woman vowed to “buy a massive slice of rump steak” just to spite the person behind the sticker.

Coles responded to her complaint in another comment, telling her the grocer was “sorry for any disappointment”.

“We'll ensure your feedback is shared with the relevant teams so they're aware,” the comment read.

The Coles Erina store said they found only one brochure that was defaced.