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"I really dislike you": Ally Langdon fires up on Karl over hot chillies

"I really dislike you": Ally Langdon fires up on Karl over hot chillies

Ally Langdon certainly got herself into a pickle when she ate one of the world’s hottest chillies live on air during Monday morning’s episode of Today.

While she and her co-host Karl Stefanovic chatted to chef Jarrod Moore, organiser of the Melbourne chilli eating championship, and Greg Barlow, the 2021 chilli eating champ, Ally tore into a Habenaro pepper.

Despite being hesitant, she didn’t pass up on the opportunity – especially after Jarrod said Greg managed to eat 18 Carolina Reapers (the world's hottest chilli).

"I really dislike you," she said, turning to Karl, after her face screwed up in regret.

"Is it a slow build?" she then asked Jarrod who confirmed it was as most of the heat is in the seeds, which she hadn’t completely gotten into.

"You haven't even got the seeds yet," Karl said.

Ally took another big bite, which left entertainment Brooke Boney shocked.

"Oh, Ally!" she said. "What are you doing?"

Ally put the pepper down slowly, saying: "OK. Now I'm feeling it.”

"Do you know what I am worried about? How we are going to get you to the toilet..." Karl said.

Ally suggested Karl could carry her, which he swiftly refused.

"Really regretting that second bite," Ally said in pain.

"I can't stand you Karl.

"This is horrible...it keeps getting worse!”

Ally returned to Today in early March, due to a brutal injury that left her on bed rest for weeks.