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MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo turns on Laura Sharrad in tense exchange

MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo turns on Laura Sharrad in tense exchange

MasterChef fans have gone wild after a tense exchange between judge Jock Zonfrillo and contestant Laura Sharrad. 

On Thursday night’s episode, Jock wasn’t thrilled to hear that Laura was whipping up a roast pumpkin, garlic tortellini with ricotta, brown butter and sage.

And he made his opinion crystal clear when he described Laura’s dish as a “yawnfest”.

He continued: “A pumpkin-filled tortellini, how many times do you go to a restaurant and you are so disappointed by that dish?”

The pasta expert, seemingly fired up by his response, hit back: “Well, the only time I eat it, Jock, is in my restaurant, and I’m not disappointed by it.”

Judge Andy Allen, who was watching the situation unfold, said: “Ooh! No, you didn’t!”

Jock warned her: “It it’s rubbish, I’ll tell you,” to which Laura snapped back: “And I know you will.”

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their reactions, including one who said: “Jock calling Laura's pasta dish a ‘yawn fest’ damn I felt that burn.”

Another said: “I'm here for Laura sassing Jock – who doesn't like pumpkin tortellini?”

“Ooft Laura firing back at Jock is pretty satisfying to watch ngl (not gonna lie),” a fan wrote.

Someone else jokingly suggested: “Get your revenge Laura, put the whole jar of chili oil in.”

Others were taken aback at the quarrel between the two, saying: “Cannot believe Laura and Jock are gonna have a blow up?! WTF!”

But there were some who did not care for their drama, with one writing: “Jock and Laura together are just one big yawn fest.”