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“Please explain”: Customer demands answers from Coles over confusing milk label

“Please explain”: Customer demands answers from Coles over confusing milk label

A Coles shopper has spotted a misleading label on its home brand milk and demanded answers.

Taking to the Coles Facebook page, the customer from Tasmania wanted to purchase a bottle of Coles Full Cream Milk, which was advertised on the front label as a product of Tasmania.

However, on the back of the bottle it stated the milk was “sourced from Queensland farms and bottled in Queensland”.

The frustrated customer asked Coles to “please explain” as she posted a photo of the milk in question.

The shopper had purchased the bottle from Coles Burnie in Tasmania and said it was important for her to shop local.

“Tasmanian products are very important to me,” she wrote.

Another customer responded to the post and said they found it hard to purchase and support local farmers.

“Milk is ‘frustrating’ to purchase. You try to do the right thing and support your local farmers, but dig a little deeper and many of what you think are small independently run/owned brands are not!” a user wrote.

A spokesperson for the grocery store apologised for the mishap and clarified to Yahoo News Australia that a number of bottles sold in Tasmanian stores had been labelled incorrectly.

“All Coles Brand milk sold in Tasmania is supplied by Tasmanian dairy farmers and bottled locally.

“This is an unfortunate labelling error that impacted a small number of bottles and is currently being fixed.

“We apologise to our Tasmanian customers for any confusion,” a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News.