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Shopper reveals hack to save hundreds on chicken

Shopper reveals hack to save hundreds on chicken

One mum has shared a cost-efficient hack that’s guaranteed to save shoppers hundreds of dollars.

Carley Phillips posted her discovery to the Facebook group Mums Who Cook and Bake.

“Instead of paying $24/kg for cold chicken breast at the deli, I bought fresh chicken breast for $9/kg,” Phillips said in her post.

“Splashed some olive oil on it, cooked it for 30 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees, let it cool slightly, and shredded it with two forks.

“This will keep us going for lunches etc for the next couple of days.

“So easy, cheaper and healthier.”

There is also the option of paying an extra few dollars for a roast chicken from your supermarket.

This method proved to be a great alternative with commenters on Carley’s original Facebook post.

“I buy a roast chook for $12 and pull it apart and shred, then portion out into zip bags and freeze,” one person said.

“That’s what I do too. Heaps cheaper as it’s already cooked,” another wrote.