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The controversial cooking question on everyone’s lips

The controversial cooking question on everyone’s lips

As garlic is a common staple in many dishes around the world, there’s been a controversial question on everyone’s lips who use the spice in their dish.

How much minced garlic equals one clove?

Although the question might sound simple, the answer is anything but.

It depends on how finely minced the garlic is as well as whether the chop is standardised and how big the clove of garlic is.

This question has confused many as it depends on the chef’s personal preference. One person says that clove is a “useless measurement”.

"clove" [is] a useless measurement. Look at the variation on this page—anywhere from 1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon—that's a variation of 1200%. I use the conversion of 1 clove equals 1 teaspoon. I believe Cook's Illustrated does the same,” he said to Hotline in a thread.

However, others have disagreed. The answer that was “voted the best” in the thread says that minced garlic is a waste of time.

“Sorry, I would toss the "packaged" garlic that has chemical preservatives in it in favor of spending the 20 seconds it takes to chop or mince fresh real garlic cloves,” they wrote.

Others agreed with the best voted answer, saying “you will never get the flavour of fresh garlic from a jar so there is no equivalent”.

One person commented explaining that they were from New Zealand and therefore preferred using pre-minced garlic as fresh garlic is quite expensive and they use it a lot in their cooking.

One final commenter just praised anyone who was getting into the kitchen and trying to use garlic, as well as giving an answer to the question.

"Yes, fresh garlic is best. Applause to anyone that is trying to be a better home chef, no matter what kind of garlic you are using."