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The crazy pizza toppings that are actually delicious

The crazy pizza toppings that are actually delicious

Sure, you've been eating your pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms for years, but that's child's play compared to the craziest new pizza toppings out there.

Try not to cringe when there is pineapple on a pizza. There’s a ton of other wild stuff happening out there more concerning.



Does corn pizza seem totally crazy to you?

You’re probably more used to veggie pizza toppings like sun dried tomatoes or olives, but some fresh roasted sweet corn is actually delicious on a classic pizza thanks to its delicately sweet flavour.

If you want add a little zest to your corn, try adding some chilli flakes to give your pizza a sweet heat.


Crab meat

Remember that old adage that seafood and cheese never go together by Italian culinary tradition?

Apparently, American pizza experts are throwing that to the wind, because trend-setting pizza chains in New York are topping their famous pizzas with real lump crab meat and people are loving it.

Crab meat is loaded with zinc, so you can tell yourself a slice isn’t the worst decision you could make today.



People are going crazy for Sriracha sauce-topped pies thanks to the gentle heat of this popular pepper-infused topping and low calorie content.

Asian and Italian flavours may not seem like a natural fit, but one bite of a fresh pizza drizzled in spicy Sriracha sauce will make you question what other weirdly wonderful flavour combos you’ve been missing out on.



If you’re not the type to order a salad on your pizza, think again—kale is delicious when cooked.

It’s one of the best pizza toppings for veggie lovers thanks to high vitamin C and fibre content.

Kale-topped pizzas are currently trending in veggie-friendly areas like Los Angeles, where a popular local joint, Pitfire Pizza, tops their pizzas with black kale, field mushrooms, cheddar, chilies, and garlic. Yum!



Hummus sounds like a seriously crazy pizza topping, doesn’t it? It should, but the truth is it’s gaining steam in the health-conscious food blogger seen, and even US brands like Sabra have created limited-time pizza-flavoured hummus lines because surprisingly, the flavours pair really well together.


Cashew cheese

It turns out cashew cheese is the vegan cheese of choice for foodies these days, and some pizza shops are going to great lengths to satisfy their vegan and dairy-free customers’ pizza cravings.

Matthew Kenney, a vegan chef and expert who teaches workshops on going vegan at Turnberry Isle Miami, has been leading the cashew cheese pizza movement in New York and Florida.

Try not to cringe when there is pineapple on a pizza. There’s a ton of other wild stuff happening out there more concerning.



Nectarines, peaches, and other stone fruit have a tangy-sweet flavour that is similar in some ways to the flavour profile of BBQ sauce.

If you’re the type who likes a good BBQ-themed pizza, you need to try one topped with nectarine slices and an especially sharp or bold cheese.

Milo & Olive, a popular pizzeria in the US state of California, has been serving up a salty-meets-sweet nectarine and bacon pizza that’s topped with Fontina, thyme, balsamic glaze, and deliciously ripe stone fruit.


Spicy mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is already great, and adding spice is always the next level of excitement, but if you haven’t tried adding fresh jalapeños and gooey mac and cheese to your pizza, have you even really lived?

Vinnie’s, a popular local pizza spot in Brooklyn, has lines out the door for their magical, new-age comfort food slices.



Cooked, runny, semi-solid—you name it. Eggs are one of the best weird pizza toppings to be found in both the United States and Italy, the birthplace of pizza.

Eggs are healthy, too, so adding a few to your pizza gives you an excuse to have a slice for a responsible brunch.


Entire Mexican dishes

Why add just a little Mexican seasoning to your pizza when you can throw an entire plate of chilaquiles right on top of your favourite simple pizza.

This recipe was the brainchild of Chef Martin Gonzalez in San Diego, California, and includes crunchy tortilla chips, warm green tomatillo sauce, red onion, and queso añejo (a Mexican cheese that is very similar to Parmesan) and crema fresca.

There’s no reason this can’t be recreated at home, and you’ll be a hero for combining the world’s most addictive flavours.



Your favourite, trendiest salad addition is also great on pizza. Avocado’s creamy texture is actually similar to that of some soft cheeses, and the mildly nutty flavour pairs well with everything from tomatoes to garlic.

Avocado is one of the best pizza toppings you never expected because it can easily be combined with all the other weird toppings too, like corn, crab, and even Sriracha.

Plus, avocados are a brain food, so you can feel good about loading your plate up.



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