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The perfect pairing: Andrew Harris’ essential tips for matching food with rosé

The perfect pairing: Andrew Harris’ essential tips for matching food with rosé

If you’re a fan of wine, you’re probably familiar with the classic red and white pairings - steak and seafood. However, Rośe’s popularity has certainly blown up in the last few years and you might be wondering what food pairs well with it? Brown Brothers Ambassador Andrew Harris and Head Chef Bodee Price share their top tips on what goes down well with Rośe.

1. Pairing wine with food sounds quite daunting. Why is rosé a great first wine to experiment with food pairing?

Rosé is so versatile with food that it is a good wine to start your matching journey. Because rosé can handle lighter meat dishes, powerful vegetarian options and light, delicate seafood, it is quite forgiving in the outcome you get. Once you know you have a bit of leeway, you can really push the boundaries of rosé with food!

2. What are your three tips that beginners can follow to start pairing food with rosé?

Try to have food that is a similar texture and weight to your rosé. If the food is too light it will be overpowered and if too heavy, it will overpower the rosé. A great example is oysters with the Brown Brothers Origins Series Dry Rosé.

Try not to assume you know what a particular rosé will taste like, for example making a decision based on its colour. There are so many variables in the winemaking process such as skin contact time, time on lees (yeast once the ferment is finished), sweetness level and time in oak. These will all have an influence on the final wine and hence the food paring. The best way is to taste first or ask your sommelier for their recommendation on a rosé and food match.

3. And what about wine experts? Do you have any wine pairing tips for rosé lovers this International Rosé Day?

If I was wanting to impress my guests this international rosé day I would be choosing an international dish that combines perfectly with the Brown Brothers Origins Rosé. One of my favorites is Black Pepper Crab. As a dish it has a delicate texture to the crab meat along with rich and spicy sauce. The rosé has lifted strawberry and rose petal flavours that tame and meld with the pepper and chili, while the crip acidity and dry finish work brilliantly with the fleshy crab meat.

4. What are your favourite dishes to make when you buy a bottle of rosé? What are the flavour combinations that automatically come to mind?

Fruitier rosé can be excellent with spicy food, think Thai red curry or spicey San Choy Bow. At the sweeter end of the rosé spectrum I am a big fan of matching to Turkish Delight inspired desserts as well as cheese platters with fruit bread and quince paste.

5. Do you have any other tips you can share with us for International Rosé Day?

I think rosé goes best with good friends and sunny afternoons! Keep the food light, fresh and diverse. Antipasto and charcuterie are my tips for a wonderful experience.

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