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"This is insane": Mum and son’s amazing find in Coles eggs

"This is insane": Mum and son’s amazing find in Coles eggs

Mother and son Kirsten and Kai got an amazing surprise when they started making breakfast on Monday. The pair were whipping up some bacon and eggs while holidaying in Yamba on the NSW North Coast when they discovered an egg with a double yolk.

Kirsten quickly shared a video of Kai cracking double yolk eggs into the fry pan to the Coles Facebook page, showcasing a total of nine double yolk eggs and 18 yolks.

Alongside the 44-second video, Kirsten wrote, “Nine eggs and 18 yolks. Where do you get your chickens Coles?”

In the video, Kirsten says, “This is insane”, as Kai cracks the eighth double yolk egg into the frying pan. “Are you doing another one?” she asks, to which he responds, “Oh yeah, I’ll do another one,” while cracking a ninth egg, again with two yolks.

The video concludes with Kirsten displaying the label of the dozen Coles Jumbo Free Range Eggs, purchased from the Coles store in Yamba earlier this week. She added, “These are the eggs you want to be getting guys.”

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Kirsten said Kai was excited when they discovered the first egg, and mind-blown as the eggs continued to produce two yolks each.

She laughed and said, “There’s still three eggs in the carton. Might be a full dozen doublers. Don’t know what’s going on with the chickens up here."

She added that perhaps it was a lucky sign, saying, “Might have to buy a lotto ticket!”

According to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, the chances of getting a double yolker are one in 1000. This means that getting nine double-yolk eggs in the same carton is about a one in octillion chance, or or 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Double yolk eggs occur when a hen’s “ovary is too enthusiastic” and releases more than one yolk during her daily ovulation cycle.

Image: Meredith Heuer, Facebook

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