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Woman issues warning after getting more than she bargained for in her Coles Caesar Salad

Woman issues warning after getting more than she bargained for in her Coles Caesar Salad

An Australian woman has made a revolting discovery in her Caesar salad from Coles.

Simone Solodchuck-Boston made a post to the Coles Facebook page outlining that she had bought two of the pre-made Coles Caesar salads and was mid-bite when she made an unfortunate discovery.

“After enjoying most of one I noticed something strange hanging off my fork - turns out it was a slug,” she wrote.

“The slug had been squashed and inadvertently been mixed through the salad so not sure how much I may have eaten,” she wrote to Coles.

Solodchuck-Boston said that she was making the post public, as she had tried to alert those in store to what she had found but was hit with a roadblock.

“I called Coles to let them know that maybe they should pull the rest off the shelf as slugs can contain a pretty nasty bacteria and parasites,” she wrote.

 “I was told they couldn't find the form they needed to fill out to take them off the shelf at the moment and they can't pull them off the shelf with out it.”

Some commenters on the post saw the funny side to the matter.

“On the other hand nothing says fresh like slugs still being in the salad,” one wrote.

“Includes fork... apparently includes slugs too!” another commenter wrote.

In a response to the post, Coles said that it was “disappointed to see this”.

“We're sorry for the poor experience,” a Coles spokesperson wrote.

Coles also spoke to Coles also spoke to Yahoo News Australia about the incident, saying that the customer was contacted and the supermarket has followed up with the supplier of the Caesar salads to investigate the matter.

“Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously,” the statement said.

“As always we encourage customers to return any item, they’re not 100% happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement.”