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Better Homes confirms shock new cast replacement

Better Homes confirms shock new cast replacement

Seven Program Better Homes and Gardens has confirmed Charlie Albone will officially replace Jason Hodges on the beloved long-running program in 2020.

After a 16-year stint on the show, Hodges’ replacement caused shockwaves, and was considered a surprising move given the pair’s rumoured rivalry.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Hodges was “gutted” by being let go, a move made by the new Seven boss Andrew Backwell.

Replacement Charlie Albone became a familiar when he appeared on Foxtel's Selling Houses Australia.

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He will also be joined by Melissa King as a replacement gardening expert.

“It’s a real honour to be asked to be part of such an amazing team,” Charlie told the series’ online site.

“I will be sharing lots of new and interesting ideas for your garden that will inspire and push boundaries, as well as advice on how to make your outdoor living the best it can be.”

Charlie further promised viewers would be able to get an intimate look into the presenter’s life.

“You’ll also get to meet my family, and I’ll be giving you a look around my country garden,” he said.

The news comes after fellow castmates shared their devastation over news of Hodge’s axing.

Johanna Griggs shared the farwell episode on her Instagram page, as “one of the hardest shoots we’ve ever had to do”.

“(Change is) unfortunately a reality that comes with the business we are in. But that doesn’t make it any easier,” she wrote in the emotional post.

“We’ve had a shoot with some new faces who’ll be joining the team next year. And I can honestly say they are absolutely lovely and really excited to be part of the show,” she wrote.

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The full lineup has been confirmed as including host Johanna Griggs, alongside Adam Dovile (DIY), Charlie Albone (Landscaping), Dr Harry Cooper (Vet), Graham Ross (Gardening), Tara Dennis (Decorating & Design), “Fast Ed” Halmagyi (Chef), Karen Martini (Chef), Pete Colquhoun (Architect), Sam Wood (Health & Fitness), Melissa King (Gardening) and James Tobin (Tech & Motoring).

Better Homes and Gardens 2020 premieres February 7th at 7 pm.