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Cleaner shares six structural tips to make your house easy to clean

Cleaner shares six structural tips to make your house easy to clean

A professional cleaner has shared six things to avoid when building a house in order to make your home easier to clean. 

Kacie from The Big Clean Co in Melbourne shared the tips in a TikTok video which racked up over 600,000 views in less than 14 hours. 

She recommends choosing alternative style solutions rather than opting for blinds with small slats, freestanding bathtubs, square sinks and black tapware. 

Kacie said that blinds with smaller slats accumulate much more dust, making it a long task to individually clean each one. 

She also said that while free-standing bathtubs are a chic and modern styling option, it's important to avoid placing them right beside the wall because it becomes difficult to clean the tight gap. 

“You need to be able to clean in there,” she said.  

Kacie recommends opting for a round or oval sink in kitchens and bathrooms, as corners of square sinks are “so annoying to clean”. 

She also suggested not to install “sensitive” black tapware unless you are “really sure it's durable” because over time the black coating fades, exposing the bronze brass underneath.

When choosing kitchen cabinetry, Kacie recommends minimising the space between the cupboards and ceiling as she said “it's just a shelf to catch grease on”.

Her video was flooded with praise in the comments, with one person writing, “Fellow cleaner here! COMPLETELY AGREE!”

Image credits: TikTok

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