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Mother posts “delusional” list of babysitter requirements

Mother posts “delusional” list of babysitter requirements

An anonymous mother has posted on Facebook looking for a babysitter for her three children. Although that might seem harmless on its own, the list of requirements was what had people confused.

Some requirements included being a Trump fan to at least having nine years of experience working with children, according to the screenshot on Reddit.

Although political preferences aren’t usually asked while looking for a babysitter, many were optimistic until they read further on for the unknown mother’s demands.

According to her, candidates must have full availability, including weekends, and must show up for “emergency last-minute calls”. You also are required to have “perfect attendance”, as 100 per cent is required.

It also helps if you’re a native English speaker but know a second language so you can teach her children while you’re looking after them.

The best part for many was the price, as the mother was offering $10/hr in cash. According to her, “it’s like making $15/hr normally but without paying tax”.

Others were quick to comment, saying that they’d be worried about a babysitter with nine years of experience working for $10 an hour.

“Would be worried about someone who had the degree and/or experience but was still willing to graft for $10 an hour,” they wrote.

Another said that it was unfair that the babysitter would have to pay for snacks.

“I thought she meant SHE'D be willing to pay for the babysitters snacks. I was like well I guess that's nice, then I realized she meant the babysitters would be paying for snacks. Lovely,” they said.

One shared what their babysitting experience would be like if they were paid $10/hour.

“For $10/hr I will come over to watch your TV and eat your snacks. Expect to return to alive children.... that's it.”