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Mum’s fool-proof hack to dry your clothes in half the time

Mum’s fool-proof hack to dry your clothes in half the time

A clever mum has shared the ultimate laundry tip that will ensure your clothes air-dry in no time. 

With surging energy bills crippling households, air drying items is a much more efficient way of doing laundry. 

However, colder winter months can sometimes mean clothes and linen may take days to dry in the fresh air. 

One mum has found the answer to this problem, sharing her hack on the Facebook page Mums Who Clean

"I have recently been staying with my elderly parents. While there, I did some washing for them," she says. 

"Mum said to me, 'Don't forget to do an additional spin cycle after the cycle has finished.'”

"Her response was that it wouldn't take as long for the washing to dry on a cold winter's day when there isn't as much sun.”

"And guess what, she was right!"

The mum tried it for herself when she got home, saying it helped to dry her clothes in half the time.

"Since returning home this week to Sydney and the rain, I tried this on a load of towels (bath sheets) before putting them in the dryer," she says.

"Normally, the load would take one and a half to two hours to dry, and they took just under 60 minutes."

Other group members were impressed with the hack, with many saying they would give it a go. 

"Oh wow, I'm going to give this a go!" said one person. 

Others said they’ve been doing this hack “for years”, and were happy others were going to try the handy tip. 

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