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"Paid off my mortgage" party sparks heated online debate

"Paid off my mortgage" party sparks heated online debate

A heated online debate has been sparked after a woman has been left questioning whether or not she should attend a friends party celebratory “paid off her mortgage” party.

The unnamed woman took to the British parenting forum ‘Mumsnet’ to reveal that one of her close friends, who allegedly had help from her family, is celebrating paying off her mortgage.

She revealed she “doesn't want to begrudge anyone” but the party “feels a bit fake” to her.

She was met with mixed reactions as some agreed that it looks “crass” and “lacks self awareness”, especially during the ongoing global cost of living and housing crisis.

However, others made the point that some people want to celebrate milestones that are not linked back to traditional family set ups for example: weddings, christenings and children's birthdays.

The mother explained: “A friend of mine is having a party to celebrate paying her mortgage off, I don't begrudge anyone paying off their mortgage as it's a fantastic achievement, but she has had sooo much help from her family etc..”

“She's been gifted at least £300,000 over the life of her mortgage. How would you feel about attending such a party ?? It feels a bit fake to me.

She went on to say "My husband laughed his socks off when I told him about the party invite he said "Bank of Mum and Dad" paid mortgage off.”

One Mumsnet user replied: “I think it's probably an "any excuse for a party" sort of thing - but it's a bit crass/tactless/lacking in self awareness”.

However, others thought it was no more “crass” than “any other celebration.”

Another valid point made by some users was people celebrate birthdays and their baby's gender reveals so why not celebrate being mortgage free.

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