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The 15 minute hack to reduce bathroom mould

The 15 minute hack to reduce bathroom mould

When it comes to mould, bathrooms are often the first place the pesky growth will show up. 

While we can’t do anything about the sheer volume of mould spores in the air, we can control the environment. 

Mould thrives in cold and damp areas, which make bathrooms the logical place it would show up first. 

Prevention is better than a cure, so when it comes to mould, taking preventative measures will set you up for success. 

According to John Liddell, the managing director at The Mould Doctor, reducing extra moisture is a must.

“If a property is damp from condensation, building defects or inadequate ventilation, the humidity will be elevated,” says John. 

“When the humidity in a living space exceeds 55%, the conditions are ideal for mould."

According to information on the Mould Doctor website, a significant cause of elevated humidity levels in a home is steam escaping from the bathroom.

While running the exhaust while you are showering can help, it isn’t always enough. 

The key is to leave it on after you’ve finished and left the bathroom. 

The length of time you need to leave the exhaust on will vary, but around 15-20 minutes should be enough to eliminate that extra moisture.

As well as this, using dehumidifiers and air conditioning units can help get rid of extra moisture, banishing the growth of mould in your home. 

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