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Woman shares terrifying snaps of wasp infestation

Woman shares terrifying snaps of wasp infestation

A NSW woman has taken to social media searching for help to deal with a terrifying wasp infestation.

Posting in a local Facebook group, the woman asked for advice on how to remove the colony of buzzing insects from her window sills.

“How do I get rid of wasps?” she wrote.

“An exterminator?


Image: Facebook

Locals were quick to provide advice, including several more unconventional ways of dealing with the situation.

“Deodorant and lighter usually does the trick,” one person wrote.

“Wait till dark, get a sheet of newspaper, roll it up nice and long and burn them,” another commented.

“Lots of dishwasher liquid and water in a spray bottle and spray it into the hose,” a third said.

Several other members also suggested various bug sprays and repellents.

However, the woman revealed that those solutions wouldn’t quite work.

“Thank you everyone,” she wrote.

“I am cautious to spray them myself as I have a slight reaction to bees/wasps and they’re also up on the second floor window, which makes it tricky.

“But I’ll see if I can get someone to help.

After this revelation, another member of the group called her out and urged her to leave the wasps alone.

“If they are on a second-floor window & not worrying anyone hanging about the window ledge - why would you kill them??” the person asked.

“Because they’re coming into my shed, where I park and I’m allergic and have a child,” the woman countered.

Though the woman has yet to share an update on the wasp removal, she has plenty of options to consider.

Image: Facebook

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