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"Half the time I want to slap him": Ally opens up on Karl

 "Half the time I want to slap him": Ally opens up on Karl

Image: Alana Landsburry and Nine News

Almost two years ago Ally Langdon joined Karl Stefanovic on the Today show, and now the 42-year-old is speaking out about her colourful co-star.

Ally opened up about what it’s really like to work alongside one of the most divisive names in breakfast TV in a new interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly.

In the wake of less-than-flattering claims from Karl’s former Today co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, Ally had this to say about the 47-year-old.

“Half the time I want to hug Karl, half the time I want to slap him,” she told the publication. “But so far, there’s never been a moment where I’ve taken him aside in an ad break and say: ‘You went too far.’ If it happens, I’ll pull him up.”

Ally seems to have to ‘pull up’ her co-host numerous times a week. Between Karl joking about her being pregnant after taking a rapid Covid test on-air or implying that a recently deceased royal had 10 illegitimate children.

At the end of the day, there’s no hard feelings between the two, with Ally calling Karl, her ‘mate’. She said that they ‘feud like brother and sister’ the pair end up chatting on the phone about five times a day.’

Ally, who joined Today from 60 Minutes in January of 2020, described her on-air relationship with Karl as ‘authentic’ and grounded in trust.

“We can’t fake our relationship – the audience would see through it – so it plays out naturally. We keep it real and if someone needs a slap down, It’s done with love,” she explained.

“Karl’s got my back and I know he’ll never let me fail. I’ve never trusted anyone I’ve worked with as much as him.”

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