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Chezzi shocked by Grant Denyer's hidden talent

Chezzi shocked by Grant Denyer's hidden talent

Grant Denyer has shocked his wife Chezzi with a hidden talent she never knew he possessed. 

Despite being married for 12 years, Grant had never before shared his “exceptional” vocal talent with his partner as he boasted about his Kermit the Frog impersonation. 

While recording their podcast It’s All True, Chezzi asked her husband if he had a favourite Disney character.

“Maybe not a Disney character,” Denyer began, “but if I was a Muppet I’d be Kermit, you know, nice, friendly, likes to sit on a log.”

The TV personality then broke into a near-perfect impression of the classic character. 

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“Oh my god,” Chezzi said.

“That’s exceptional. Sign him up,” the podcast’s producer George Sargent said.

Chezzi told her husband, “That’s your next job. I never knew that you could do that.”

“What, impersonate Kermit?” Denyer laughed. “Standing on a street corner just doing that?”

“And then people asking, ‘Why does Grant Denyer have a weird voice and why does he have a guitar case open collecting coins?”

“We’ll paint you green,” Chezzi joked.

“Oh my god. I never knew you could do that - I loved Kermit.”

“I’ve never done that before,” the former Dancing with the Stars contestant said of his impression.

“Well you’re very good,” Chezzi added.

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