Family rallies behind pregnant Queensland woman after husband’s tragic death

Family rallies behind pregnant Queensland woman after husband’s tragic death

Family and friends are showing their support to a young woman from Queensland, who is set to give birth to triplets, after the sudden death of her husband.

32-year-old Matt Conwell died after being hit by a car in Carindale on September 2.

He leaves behind wife Ashleigh, who was inconsolable at the scene of the incident which occurred in Brisbane’s south-east.

Speaking to Courier Mail, Ashleigh’s sister, Emily Fallon revealed that family and friends are supporting the soon-to-be mum to “(make) sure Ashleigh is not alone now and not alone in the future”.

“There is a tribe behind her, and there is going to be a village that raises these babies.

“The outpouring of support is a testament to the kind of person Matt was – very non-judgemental, very genuine and caring, an unassuming, quiet person who had time for everyone.”

Fallon told the paper that the family’s loss “still doesn’t seem real”, and her sister had been in “severe shock for the first few days”.

A family friend of the couple, Alexandra Nesevski, set up a GoFundMe page to “help Ashleigh bring her and Matt’s little trio into the world and provide a future for them.”

Nesevski says Ashleigh faces significant financial implications as she endures her world being “torn apart emotionally”.

Both she and Conwell were hit hard when the pandemic began.

“They were already stretching every dollar and budgeting tightly for the arrival of their unexpected but so very wanted ‘instant’ family,” Nesevski said.

“Losing Matt has placed an almost overwhelming burden on Ashleigh.”

At the time of publication, more than $140,000 had been raised for Ashleigh.