Man destroys girlfriend’s family heirloom, doesn’t understand why she’s upset

Man destroys girlfriend’s family heirloom, doesn’t understand why she’s upset

A man has been left scratching his head after online commentators tore him to shreds for destroying a family heirloom belonging to his girlfriend.

The man posted to Reddit’s ‘Am I the A******’ forum, where people go to ask strangers to adjudicate their interpersonal disputes, deciding who was in the wrong in any given situation.

This man wanted to propose to his girlfriend using a ring that had sentimental value, so when he found out that her late grandmother had left her a ring, he decided to remove a diamond from the ring and use that in a new engagement ring.

Unfortunately, when he proposed with the new ring, the girlfriend hated it. Her grandmother had only recently passed away in September, and the pair were close as she was her only granddaughter.

The man asked his girlfriend’s mother if she thought his idea was a good one, and the mother said that as much as she loved the idea, she didn’t know if her daughter would, and told him to think about it.

Despite this caution, he went ahead with his plan, as he “couldn’t find anything else [he] liked as much”. He said that the resulting ring was beautiful, and he thought she would love the sentiment of it.

When he proposed and she immediately accepted, he was thrilled, until she saw the ring and her reaction changed. He wrote, “She told me I’d practically vandalized and ruined the only meaningful thing of her grandmothers that she had and that I should have asked. I went to her mom for support, but she just kept saying she warned me that my girlfriend might not like the idea. She said yes to my proposal but refuses to wear the ring, which I just think is disrespectful considering how much money and thought went into it.”

Commenters were quick to side with the now-fiancée, with one writing “YOU DESTROYED her one family heirloom! You were disrespectful and STOLE her property and then had it destroyed,” while another wrote, “This dude deserves no sympathy, and I cannot even believe he can even question whether he’s wrong,” and several users suggested she dump him.

The best laid plans of mice and men…

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